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IASJ Jazz Meeting 2014: CapeTown, South Africa, 22-28 June 2014.
IASJ Jazz Meeting 2015: Lisbon, Portugal, 28 June-4July 2015.
IASJ Jazz Meeting 2016: Boston, USA
IASJ Jazz Meeting 2017: Siena, Italy
IASJ Jazz Meeting 2018: Viljandi, Tallinn, Helsinki
  • Over 100 students, teachers and representatives from 30-40 countries perform, teach and network at IASJ Jazz Meetings.
  • Do not miss participating in the IASJ, the only world wide network for jazz and jazz education.

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Do not miss being part of the only worldwide network for jazz education!
  • over 80 top level jazz schools from more than 40 countries are members of the IASJ...

  • since 1989 the IASJ connected over 3000 students, teachers, jazz program directors...

  • developping careers of students, teachers and staff...

  • worldwide studying, playing, teaching opportunities...

  • annual IASJ Jazz Meetings for top level students, teachers, staff...
  • latest information about the major developments in jazz education...

International Association of Schools of Jazz

David Liebman

Establishing the IASJ is by far the most important work I have done in my life as a professional musician. It surpasses my own career and experiences, which although have made me what I am, pale in comparison to the positive and far reaching work that the organization has accomplished and continues doing. I feel like I have made a real contribution to the world and will continue my work in this way as long as possible.

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Walter Turkenburg

wturkenburgFounded in 1989 the IASJ ever since has been beneficial to thousands of people involved in jazz education. The IASJ enables students, teachers and staff of jazz school around the world to connect, to learn from each other and to perform at the highest international level. Contributing to and benefitting from the IASJ means shaping and being shaped by jazz, an international living artform.
The future of jazz is connected to the future of jazz education and the IASJ is the link.



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  • participation in various social jazz networks world wide
  • webspace on the IASJ website
  • visibilty for possible students
  • international collaboration for jazz teachers
  • exchange of knowledge and experiences for staff
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