During IASJ Jazz Meetings combo's are formed. After the meeting the collaboration often continues.


European Jazz Motion

Angela Tröndle (vocals, Austria): http://www.angelatroendle.com/
Tobias Meier (sax/clarinet, Switzerland): www.tobias-meier.ch
Marek Talts (guitar, Estonia): https://marektalts.bandcamp.com/
Antti Kujanpää (piano, Finland): https://musicians.allaboutjazz.com/anttikujanpaa?width=1536
Mattia Magatelli (bass, Italy): https://mattiamagatelli.wordpress.com/
Christian Windfeld (drums, Denmark): http://christianwindfeld.com/

The musicians of EJM met at the 2008 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Riga, Latvia. They were coached by bass player Gene Perla, USA who became their manager. EJM recorded two CD's on the record label of Gene Perla: "Odysseia" and "LIve in Sud Tirol". Tracks can be heard and the CD's can be puchased at: http://pmrecords.com/EJM.shtml

"The IASJ Jazz Meeting in Riga, Latvia was a great opportunity for me to get to know great musicians from all over the world, to make music together, to connect.
The ensemble that had been formed by Gene Perla turned out to be a very promising combination of musicians: from the first tone we played together there seemed to be a common musical language which we continued to speak over the years. We recorded our CD "Odysseia" and toured through Estonia, Austria, Italy and the USA.
Gene Perla has been a very important mentor and teacher to us, in musical but also in organizational matters. I will never forget the time we spent together in his house on the East Coast when we toured in the USA in the fall of 2011."

Angela Tröndle, vocalist
Vienna, Austria




2017 IASJ Jazz Meeting Siena

Violin: Robin Antunes - Paris,
Alto Sax: Guillaume Guedin - Paris
Trombone: Flo Weiss – Bern
Piano: Leandro Irarragorri - Zurich
Double Bass: Daisy George - London
Drums: Baptiste Dolt - Paris

Fussyduck, a transnational collaborative project, brings together the beauty of an orchestral like frontline, with the excitement of a seriously driving engine. In spring 2019 Fussyduck won the renowned BeJazz Transnational Prize in Bern, Switzerland, and recorded their debut album in January 2020.


The IASJ is a long standing member of the IMC, the International Music Coucil, affiliated with UNESCO.

The IASJ, founded in 1989, brought together over 3000 jazz students, teachers and directors from all over the world.

The IASJ promotes cultural diversity and does not discriminate towards nationality, religion, gender or age.

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